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Are Do It Yourself Sheds A Good Idea In Your Backyard

If you have a backyard and are considering buying a shed, it might be more cost-effective for you to DIY your shed! Although this might seem like a huge undertaking, there is so much information out there that can break it down for you. Also, some companies provide you with step-by-step instructions on “do it yourself sheds” or “build it yourself sheds”.

When choosing do-it-yourself sheds.  It no longer means that you need to only store tools and extra materials that you don’t use in it.

Nowadays, you will find countless people getting excited about using their sheds in different ways. If you haven’t already seen some awesome, creative shed uses yet, it is certainly worth the look!

Picture a man cave, in a shed. You can also create an office space in your shed if you work from home, and need a little separation from the rest of your house while you work.

There are even sheds converted into extra living spaces that provide you with a little extra privacy, or possibly a spare bedroom for the times when friends and family come to visit.

The possibilities are vast, and it is up to you how you want to use your shed.

Below are some tips on choosing the right size shed for your backyard.  Tips on deciding on the best shed project kits for yourself, proper planning tips, and even some shed design ideas.  These are ides that you might fall in love with.

building a backyard shed

What is the Right Shed Size for Your Backyard?

Do it yourself sheds come in all different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the size of your backyard.  You’ll have to ensure that you measure out the entire backyard.  You can determine how much space you ideally want to take up with your new shed.

Planning a shed size is quite simple. After taking the measurements of your backyard, you will want to section possibly a quarter of that space to be designated for your new DIY tool shed.

Take a few measurements for the potential sizes of sheds that you would be okay with, and that way you know for sure when searching online for the best project kits, that you are aware of the sizes that will make the most sense for your space.

You do not want to skip this step, because having a DIY shed delivered and only then realizing that it takes up way too much space in your backyard.  Is going to be both costly and a waste of your time.

Additionally, once you get this step out of the way, it is much easier and more pleasant to search online for do it yourself sheds that are going to meet your budget requirements, measurement requirements, and design aesthetic.

Do it yourself sheds have become so popular because they are much more versatile. More and more people designing these types of sheds might not be able to sell them pre-built but have some really incredible ideas and unique ways to use your shed rather than in the more traditional sense.

“Do It Yourself” Shed Project Kits

Do-it-yourself sheds are popular right now.  So it is important to choose a company that allows you to play around with the different features and elements, like windows, roofs, siding, and even wood color that will make the most sense for you.

You ideally want a website that has an online builder for do it yourself sheds and gives you the ability to see what your shed will look like after it is built.

Not all project kits are the same, some do not give you as many customization and personalization options as others.  So finding companies that are well-seasoned in this business are going to procure the most thorough shed project kits on the market.

The more customization options a company gives you, the better your do it yourself sheds will come out in the end.

Proper Planning Tips

Planning a shed installation comes with its fair share of elbow grease. However, here are a few simple tips to remember when building your do it yourself sheds.

  1. Check the building code requirements assigned by your county. Before you purchase a shed, or purchase the materials for your shed, make sure that you check the code regulations for how wide and tall your shed needs to be. You legally do have to check this before building to avoid having to pay a violation fee later down the line.
  1. Lay down at least two inches of sand before building anything on the desired area in your backyard. In addition to this, you can also lay down gravel to make sure the area is completely flat before building.

Overall planning do it yourself sheds does not necessarily have to be super complicated. With the right project kit, you can create a shed that serves your purpose with windows, wood siding, and doors that match your personality.

do it yourself sheds

Shed Design Ideas

DIY tool shed that looks like wood but isn’t.

Wooden sheds do require some maintenance and treatment throughout their life.  Wood can get damaged if not taken care of properly. Because of this, planning a shed that you are comfortable with the maintenance of is key.

Luckily, for those of you who are interested in very low-maintenance sheds.  Yes, you can actually purchase a DIY tool shed that is made out of plastic. Plastic sheds might not sound appealing, but some of these designs resemble shiplap wooden siding.

Solar Powered DIY Tool Shed.

This is a great idea if you are considering converting your shed into an additional living space, workspace, or office space with heating and electricity. Adding a solar panel to your shed is best done with a wooden-style shed. These solar-powered DIY shed ideas can be a little more complicated to make, but well worth the time and investment.

Especially if you want this to be an additional space to work, play, or even sleep in from time to time. Imagine the possibilities with renewable energy, you can make a man cave with TVs and stereo systems that you only thought you could dream of having, all without the extra hit to your budget each month!

Office shed

Converting your shed into an office is one of the most popular DIY shed ideas.  These days more and more people are working remotely, usually from home! Having a separate space from the rest of your home that you can specifically designate as your office.  Especially if you do not have the room to have an office area inside of your home, is a game changer.

These options can truly improve your quality of life.  Especially if you work long hours, and need some differentiation between your home space and work spaces.

Extend your workshop

Another highly sought-after DIY shed idea includes converting your shed into an extended workshop. For those of you that do a lot of handy work, and possibly work as a tradesman, a safe and secure place to store your tools is crucial.

However, this does not necessarily only have to be a boring old tool shed.  It can also be turned into an extended workshop area for yourself. If you get hired to do projects where you might need to build certain aspects on your own time.  Remember, a workshop is key to elevating your productivity.

A clean and designated area where you can safely build and store potentially dangerous tools will help you feel calm and relaxed at the end of your work day.

Bar Bungalow!

This one is quite popular for anyone who lives in warmer climates all year round. Converting your shed into a bar or a bungalow to entertain your friends and family during get-togethers and special occasions is sure to be endless fun.

This is such a fun way to add some space for adults to have some fun. Straight after the kids are tucked away in bed. Using your outside bar bungalow shed ensures that you are far enough away from the children. If you create a little noise they still leep soundly while the adults get to play!

Cosy cave

Create a cozy cave by insulating your shed, adding heating and air conditioning, and turning it into a private escape. Needing time for yourself to relax is important, especially if you have children.  Sometimes you just need to be able to slip away and feel alone, even if your house is five feet away.

Creating a cozy nook where you can read, listen to music, write, or maybe even take a nap is another great idea for your shed.

Hopefully, with these fun tips, tricks, and ideas.  You might feel motivated and inspired to begin creating your outside shed into whatever works best for you and your family!

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