The 5 Best Battery Tillers For Your Backyard

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Anyone that has spent any time out in the backyard.  Would have noticed either patch of lawn that struggle to grow or a garden bed that’s not producing the best it can.  The answer to those problems might be as simple as finding the best battery tillers you can use in your backyard.

best battery tillers

What is a Garden Tiller?

Over time soil will be compact due to foot traffic or weather conditions.  It is simple as your lawn and garden need air and water to survive and thrive.  Compact ground leads to thatching and your grass will start to die-off.

Garden tillers have blades that will tear through the soil and turn it over.  Allowing water, air and nutrients to reach deep into the soil.  Depending on the model of garden tiller you use, the depth the blade will go will vary.

Gardeners will use a tiller to keep their lawns and garden beds aerated allowing for optimal growth.

What types of battery tillers are there?

We wrote a comprehensive guide to what is a garden tiller before.  However, you can get three different powered garden tillers.

  • Gas-powered garden tillers
  • Electric garden tillers – Being corded or battery-powered tillers
  • Manual garden tillers

We are going to focus on the 5 best battery tillers for use in your backyard lawn or garden.

5 Best battery tillers for your backyard

With dozens of models of garden tillers available on the market.  It can get overwhelming to work out which one is the best for you and your yard.

That’s ok, we put together a comprehensive guide to what is a garden tiller over here.  In our selection process, we used all of those points in that article.

As well as a few more, like the life of the battery, operator feel and comfort in using the battery garden tiller.

We tried 14 different battery tillers to find the 5 best battery tillers that we thought were of top quality, best battery life, easy to operate, efficient and effective in tilling and would stand up to the rigours of our garden.

The one thing we want to highlight is, stick to your budget when purchasing garden tools.  It is all about your specific needs in your backyard.

Black and Decker 20V MAX Tiller

Black and Decker 20V MAX TillerThe Black and Decker 20V MAX Tiller is a great starter unit.  A combination of tiller/cultivator, being able to till and cultivate up to 325 feet from a single charge.

Powered by the 20-Volt lithium-ion battery makes it very easy to maneuver in your yard. You won’t get tripped up by the extension lead.  Also weighing in at 8.1 pounds (3.6Kgs) you won’t break your back carrying it around.

Designed with a telescoping shaft, it adjusts for the perfect length, allowing you to operate it standing up without bending over.   The included Energy Star-qualified charger will charge a fully depleted battery in about 8 hours.

If you have other Black and Decker products you can also swap the battery among your other Black & Decker cordless lawn tools that are compatible with 20-volt MAX lithium-ion batteries. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.

We did love the counter-oscillating tines which prevent weeds from tangling.

What we liked

  • The Battery operation allowed for easy mobility in the backyard
  • 8 Hour charge cycle
  • Well designed ergonomics

What we didn’t like

  • 325 feet tilling and cultivation battery time
  • More suitable for smaller yards

Price check AMAZON

Greenworks 10-inch 80V Tiller

The Greenworks 10-Inch 80V Cordless Tiller Cultivator is a big unit.  We are generally fans of the Greenworks garden tool range, and this tiller is no different.  Being 80V its plenty powerful for most residential garden blocks.  We also thought it was pretty comparable to gas-powered tillers of similar size.  

It dug up the larger rocks and went through clay in our yard with no real issue.

It has a simple tine design that simply digs rather than cutting blades.  The tines are adjustable as well and will till a 10 inch wide to a 5-inch depth with no problems.  We ran ours for about 40 – 45 minutes before then battery went flat and needed a recharge.  Although it didn’t come with the battery or charger, you have to buy them separately.

Weighing in at 36.9 pounds (16.7 kgs) it is a big unit.  But is still plenty maneuverable in most yards.

What we liked

  • The 80 V Battery really gives it some grunt
  • Quick charge cycle
  • Well designed tough strong unit

What we didn’t like

  • Only one speed, it’s not variable
  • Didn’t come with the battery or charger

Price check AMAZON

Earthwise TC70040 11-inch 40 V Cordless Tiller

Best electric tillerNext on the list is the Earthwise TC70040 11-inch 40 volt lithium-ion powered cordless tiller. At 40V this garden tiller fits perfectly between the Black and Decker 20V model and the Greenworks 80V model.

It is the perfect weight at 24 pounds (10.8kgs) and size to get into most tight spaces and will maneuver around obstacles with ease.  The unit will come with both battery and fast charger as well. It has a max cutting width of 11 inches and cutting depth of 8 inches.

We loved the flip-down rear wheels, it made it so much easier to walk through the garden.  It comes with a 2-year warranty.

The battery run times will vary depending on the type of soil and how much use it will get.  But expect somewhere up to 45 minutes of use.

What we liked

  • The 40 V Battery and size makes it ideal for most residential blocks
  • Quick fast charge
  • Flip down rear wheels
  • Variable width

What we didn’t like

  • No speed control
  • The brand is now owned by American Lawn Mower. Make sure you check your warranty paperwork

Price check AMAZON

Sun Joe TJW24C 24 Volt Cordless Tiller

Battery powered garden tillerWe found the Sun Joe TJW24C 24 Volt Cordless Tiller an interesting entry.  Being 24 volt it is slightly bigger the 20V Black and Decker model above  Fitted with a 250 Watt motor and 10 durable 6inch steel tines it will till most small gardens and lawn plots.

Due to its size and weight 2.4 pounds (1.9 kgs), it’s super manoeuvrable with an adjustable pole so it and won’t break your back.

The handle was very well ergonomically designed and would suit most operators with ease.  This unit will come with both battery and charger, so you don’t have any extra cost at all.

Once you get it outside, you can till to your heart is content.

What we liked

  • Replacement blades are available
  • Small and lightweight
  • Two-year warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Best suitable for small yards
  • Only good to 3 inches of tilling depth.

Price check AMAZON

Earthwise TC70020 20 -volt 7.5-inch cordless tiller

Best garden tillers for your backyardThe Earthwise TC70020 20 -volt 7.5-inch cordless electric tiller is the smaller brother to the TC70040 model about.  At only 20V it is effectively half as powerful as its bigger brother.  Although we found it more than suited for our needs in a standard residential block.

Fitted with 4 steel tines with a cutting width of 7.5 inches and a depth of 6 inches. You will find that it will go through most terrain.

Also fitted with the nifty flip-down rear wheel it works well manoeuvring it where you need it to go.

Earthwise is now owned by American Lawn Mower, which really focuses on the pollution-free garden tools you want.  Only weighing 9 pounds (4 Kgs) it won’t break your back.

What we liked

  • Lightweight small electric rotor tiller
  • Noiseless and environment friendly
  • 45 Minute run time
  • Two-year warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Best suitable for small-medium yards
  • Transmission box is plastic

Price check AMAZON

The washup for the best garden tillers

The above five units were out of fourteen that we tried out. We live in a standard medium size residential block, so size-wise they all worked pretty well. If you are in a big block go with the  Greenworks 10-Inch 80V Cordless Tiller Cultivator.  Unless you are on acreage then you will need a gas-powered garden tiller.

Take the time to read our guide on what is a garden tiller, it will help you work out what you need to think about when buying one for your own garden.  Stick to your budget as well, garden tools can be expensive.

Don’t forget you can also rent a garden tiller if you need to.  One last thing to think about when choosing the best battery tiller for your yard.  Is the brand, as above you can interchange most batteries between similar brands of tools.  It’s a great way to spread the load of battery-powered garden tools.

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