3 Best Square Trampolines For Your Backyard

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If you are seriously thinking about adding a trampoline to your backyard retreat, you are probably thinking round (it was the standard shape all the neighborhood kids had when I was young). The great thing is there are more than round trampoline shapes to choose from these days.  They are all designed to do different things.  We wanted to look at the three best square trampolines you can have in your backyard.

Why choose a square trampoline for your backyard ?

Trampolines are actually very unique when you start to research them.  Different shape trampolines have different uses.  Trampolines can be used for more then letting the kids play on them.   Trampolining is actually a Olympic sport.

First let’s take a look at the different shaped trampolines and what they are used for.

Rectangle trampolines

These shapes are more often than not used for gymnastics, as you can get extreme bounces from them.  They are designed to be springier and are designed with extra support. You will find rectangle shaped trampolines more expensive then other shapes.  On most rectangle trampolines the weight limit is going to be 300-400 pounds.​

Round trampolines

The old backyard favorite is designed with lots of support as well, even though they do not have the extra-long sides.  If you are adding a round trampoline to the family backyard, make sure you look at the weight restrictions.

The majority of round trampolines are designed to hold between 200 to 400 pounds.  The weight restrictions will very depending on the size and how much you spend.  The great thing about round trampolines is that they tend to be more family affordable and you can easily add accessories to them.

Oval Trampolines

Oval and rectangular trampoline will offer more bouncing surface with less chance of everyone bouncing into the middle.  The way they are designed is that not all springs will work at the same time.  Anyone bouncing on the outside will get just as good bounce as the inside.

Octagon Trampolines

These designs are the most expensive of all trampolines.  It’s the unusual shape design that people like more than anything else.

Square trampolines

Square trampoline designs will give you a safe, fun addition to the backyard.  Funnily enough it’s the square shape people balk at.  It seems harder to lose a square patch of backyard, then it is to lose any other shape.  Take the time to measure the space in your yard, then measure the trampoline size and compare it.

At the end of the day its really up to you which shape you have in your backyard.  Square trampolines offer a lot of value.

square trampolines

How to choose the best square trampoline for your backyard

There are plenty of reviews on the web about trampolines.  Everyone one from manufactures through to product review websites will offer advice tips  and tricks for buying a trampoline.

We work on three things when buying anything for our back yard.

  • Price : Its all about how much it costs, and the potential upkeep of it.
  • Functionality : How’s the design, is it safe for everyone to use.
  • Will it be used : Will you get use from it.  Trampolines tend to be more for young families.

Whats the best way to measure a square trampoline ?

If you can remember your grade 6 math.  To measure a square you just measure one side.  Then its length x width which will give you the square footage.

Just make sure it’s a fully erect trampoline.  If its only half put together, say missing the springs its a waste if time.  The area can vary by anywhere up to 3 feet.

Are square trampolines safe

Square trampolines are designed with crisscrossed springs.  Which allows the spring to create a harder bounce, without the bouncer going to high.  This design feature is perfect for families with small children.  It means your children can’t jump to high, potentially hurting themselves.

Jumping on a square trampoline actually gives you a bit of freedom to where you land once in the air.  Round trampolines are designed to direct jumpers into the center of the surface.  Round trampolines work well with only one jumper.  If you put two jumpers on the surface they will both be directed into the center.

Safety regardless of the trampoline, depends on a few things, how many people will be jumping at one time, and do you have a safety net fixed to it.  The fact that it offers limited bounce height, makes it a perfect safe trampoline for your backyard, if you don’t have a safety net installed.

We highly recommend adding a safety net to any trampoline, it gives you a safe environment to bounce away.

Which trampoline shape is cheaper ?

Price comes down to a few things.  What size you are buying and the purpose, you will find them well priced in comparison to other shapes.

What’s the best square trampoline size

Don’t believe what you hear, size does matter,  We covered how to measure a square trampoline above.  Measure the space you want to erect the trampoline into.  Will it fit ? or is it to big ?

15 Foot square trampolines are the most popular size on the market.  You can have multiple jumpers on it at the same time, which is great if you have multiple children.

Due to the design of a square trampoline they have on average 20 percent more jump space then a round trampoline of a same size.

Is the weight limit higher on a square trampoline ?

Square trampoline can sometimes be designed with thicker gauge steel.  Which gives them more stability as well as increasing the weight limit.

best square trampoline for sale

The three best square trampolines on the market

Skywalker 14 Foot Square Trampoline

The first one on the list is the Skywalker 14 foot square trampoline.  We mentioned this above but with the square shape it provides 20 percent more jumping space.  It also provides 11 percent more jumping surface then a standard 15 foot round trampoline.

The Skywalker 14 foot model comes with a patented no gap enclosure system.  Which does exactly what it says, provides the jumper with no gaps.  This trampoline meets and exceeds all ASTM safety standards, which makes it perfect for children aged six and up.

Designed with reinforced T sockets it also increases the stability of the trampoline and prevents twisting of the frame.  Making it a highly durable trampoline.

The Skywalker 14 foot model is perfect for outdoors with a galvanized steel frame its weather and rust resistant.  The Jump mat is made of UV protected polypropylene, and the net made of woven polyethylene giving the jumpers UV protection.

The safety net enclosure also stay firmly closed, thanks to button holes that interlock, providing a gap free safety net.

Check pricing HERE !


Springfree 13 Foot Square Trampoline

We loved this model, the jumbo square 13′ Springfree trampoline, is designed with a jumper weight rating of 330 pounds and with a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds.

The frame is designed so it is underneath the jumping surface, making it impossible to fall on.  With the SoftEdge mat it’s rated at 30 times more shock absorbent than pads eliminating the hard edges at the jumping surface.  The flexible net rods have removed the need for hard metal poles that potentially cause injury.  Making it perfect for kids in the backyard.

Also perfect for the backyard as it has double powder coated galvanized steel frames, UV resistant polypropylene nets & mats, composite fiberglass rods.  Gives it great weather wear outside.

The Springfree 13 foot square trampoline, comes with a basketball hoop and ladder, the kids will love it.  It comes with a 10 year warranty on all parts.  If something breaks on the trampoline you are well covered.

Check pricing HERE !


Skywalker 15 foot trampoline

This made the cut purely based on the size.  The 15 foot square trampolines are by far the most popular backyard size trampoline.

The great thing about any Skywalker products is that they all meet or exceed ASTM standards.  With that level of design you can rest easy knowing safety and durability are at a high standard.

Just like the 14 foot model above, the nets are attached at each spring, eliminating gaps.  Pinch points and openings are safe for children’s little toes and fingers.

The Skywalker 15 foot trampoline was designed with a dual zipper on the high quality polyethylene enclosure net as well as being tightly woven with latch clip closure system makes it really safe for kids wile jumping.

With only a three year limited warranty on the frame and one year on the other materials its a little disappointing, compared to the Springfree model.

Check price HERE !

The wash up

Square trampolines are best for people looking for maximum large jumping surface area.  Apart from being great for kids, there are great for gymnasts and trick jumpers.  Having one in the back yard is also great exercise.

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