Ultimate Guide For The Best Way To Build A Fence

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Anyone with a backyard usually loves a bit of privacy or wants to keep things confined in the yard.  Usually that’s why people erect a fence.  With so many types of fences and ways you can go about building a fence.  We wanted to take a deep dive into what’s the best way to build a fence.

best way to build a fence

Learn the best way to build a fence

Whether you live in a residential house with a backyard or a larger acreage block you will need some sort of fence.

Its either erecting for privacy from your neighbours or want to keep things confined in that space that you erect a fence. There are several things you really need to consider before even starting to build a fence.

What area are you fencing?

You know better than we do.  What’s the area that you are wanting to fence.  Living in a residential block and waiting to fence a backyard is very different from fencing an acreage property.

The first step is looking at the actual area you are fencing.  You need to work out how big is the area.

The easiest way to work out what the area is to measure it.  If you have a tape measure, go get it out and run a tape measure around the space. If you have a large area you can also use something like a laser pointer.

What type of fence do you need?

The requirements of residential fencing are so different from acreage fencing.

Residential fencing

Most people want residential fences to serve the purpose of privacy.  So, height and material of the fence are usually the two things that need consideration. A 6ft Colourbond fence is very different from a 4ft wire or mesh fence.

Other questions you might want to ask.  Is does it fit into the aesthetics of the neighbourhood and your actual house?

Acreage fencing

With acreage, fencing looks certainly don’t matter as much as functionality.  Fencing a long driveway or paddock can be done with rough-looking timber lengths.  6 Ft Colourbond would look out of place.

The questions to ask about your fencing needs are :

  • Is it privacy you want?
  • Are you trying to keep the dogs in
  • Do you want to block noise

Just make sure you know what the function of the fence is.

Have you spoken to your neighbour?

If it is a boundary fence that you want to erect.  Talk to your neighbour especially if it’s a small residential block.  It’s important to talk to your neighbour even if it’s an acreage boundary fence you are erecting.

In some cases, you can get your neighbour to share the costs of erecting the fence. Also, you might want to tell them that you are building a 6ft color bond fence that might block out their views.

Talk to the council

A quick trip to your local council or governing body will help make sure that you have covered off any regulation you might need to know about.

There is nothing worse than erecting a fence only to find that you need to take it down due to a council regulation.

What type of fence to build?

There are plenty of options here to choose from:

  • Wire mesh
  • Timber
  • Colourbond
  • Brick
  • Concrete

All have their advantages and disadvantages; some are easier to erect than others. Some will also offer a more maintenance-friendly option.

Subcontractor or DIY fencing

Always a fun area to consider.  Should you do it yourself or get in a fencing contractor to erect your fence.

DIY fencing should always be a more cost-effective option.  But if you struggle finishing projects or struggle with using tools then use a subcontractor.

Sub-contractor fencers will cost you more, but you are guaranteed to get a good job done.  Just make sure you do your research first on the subcontractor.

Is it facing the right way?

Depending on the type of fence material you are using.  You want to make sure the smooth side faces your neighbours.

If you erect a wooden fence and have the fence palings on the outside.  Then its a greay way to thieves an easier way to climb over your fence and enter your backyard.

You can mix your fence materials

You might have neighbours that want different fences types, or maybe you have a limited budget.  Don’t be scared to mix and match your boundary fences.  A wire mesh fence can work with a color bond fence if you plan it properly.

Internal fencing is not that big of an issue, do with what you want that best suits your needs.

 A living fence as a thing

Depending on any council or neighbourhood restrictions you can always go for green shrubbery or hedge as a fence option.  Can be a great way to provide privacy and give a great look to your house.  Keep mind that it can be easy to get through a bush or shrub.

Living fences can also overgrow so you might need to cut it back from time to time.

Budget for your fence

Depending on the materials you are using you can expect to anywhere from $8 to $75 per linear feet. Height length and type of fence are all factors that will affect the fence cost.

Make sure you set your budget accordingly.  We keep saying it, your backyard needs to be a place for you to relax in.

Know your property line

If you are unsure of what your property line is you might need to consider getting in a surveyor to make sure you get your fence line right.  There is nothing worse than having to knock down a fence you just put up.

Climate for the best fence materials

Climate actually has a lot to do with what type of fence you will need.  Climates that experience frost will need concrete anchors for fence posts.  Warmer climates you might need to use vinyl.  Cold climates you can use wood bamboo or metal fences.

Creating gates and openings

A little planning here is smart you need to allow for any fence openings.  If you are fencing off your backyard yard make sure you leave openings to get whatever you need to into the area you’ve fenced off.

You might want to be able to park a boat and trailer in you back yard, well make sure you leave a gate opening wide enough to get it into. Pedestrian access is also important, leave agate access through your fence as well.

Get creative with fencing

Dress up your fence if you want to.  If it’s a nice flat surface make a nice painted mural on the fence would dress it up nicely.

You can plant a nice row of flowers against it as well.

The fencing wash up

When it comes tot he best way to build a fence, just make sure you have a plan to meet your needs.  Fences can be costly and timely to put up, you don’t want to have to tear down your hard work.

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