Building a Backyard Shed with a Subcontractor

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We’ve looked at the Do It Yourself Sheds in the backyard before. Now we want to take a look at should you use a subcontractor while building a backyard shed.

building a backyard shed

Why building a backyard shed with a subcontractor can be easier

If you are contemplating building a backyard shed there are certain processes that need to be followed. Depending on the size and type of backyard shed, council approval might need to be obtained.

If you are using a qualified builder who specialises in sheds, they will generally do that for you.

A certifier has to approve the work. Once again your builder will have the right contacts for that.  A good builder will generally handle all of the administration steps for you.

Do you need earthworks?

There may be the need for some earthworks to prepare the site where the shed is being built. Usually, that is an extra cost to the homeowner.

In most cases, your backyard shed contractor will have a firm who he is used to working with to do that work.  However, if you have a contact of your own then it will be up to you to organise them.  It might be a way to save money.

Naturally, if you wish to have a powered shed then the homeowner is responsible for engaging the electrical contractor. That is something that can be done after the shed has been built and approved by the certifier.

What size backyard shed do you really need?

Backyard sheds come in a variety of sizes and it’s important to determine if the size that you would like is able to be built in your back yard.

You have to decide:

  • If you wish to have it insulated
  • How many windows you would like in it.
  • How many doors are required?
  • Where you would like it positioned so that you are able to access it easily.

Planing shed windows and doors

In a typical shed, 9 meters (27 ft approx) by 5 meters (15 ft approx), a window 900 mm ( 36 in’s ) x 1510 mm ( 60 in’s)  is the usual size. There will be one personal access door of standard size of 2040 mm ( 80 in’s ) x 820 mm ( 31 in’s ) and one roller door 2800 ( 110 in’s approx) mm x 3600 mm ( 104 in’s)  which will give ample access and light.

Flooring and vermin proofing

The floor will normally be concreted but that is usually included in the price of the quote from your builder.  The contractor usually includes vermin proofing in the build.

Most shed come in kit form. They are built to cyclone standards in the Southern Hemisphere, and tornado-proof for the Northern Hemisphere. In some areas, they are required to be snow proof.

Usually the contractor will ask for a 10% deposit upon signing of the contract. That is commercial standard practice.

Sheds can come in several colours and you will be given a choice as to what colour you would like. Most contractors will encourage you to select a colour that will blend in with your house colour.

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