Building a Tree Fort or Tree house is The Ultimate Backyard Experience for Kids

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Well, we do live in the digital age.  Plenty of kids spend way to much time in front of PlayStation, tablets or computers on social media.  You almost need a hook to get them outside so they will play.  That’s where building a tree fort or tree house can be the ultimate backyard experience for kids.

building a tree fort

Why building a tree fort is the ultimate backyard experience for kids

Kids these days need constant stimulation.  Getting children to play outside is one thing.  But unfortunately, many of those children easily experience boredom. If you are the parent of one of those children, you may have searched high and low for the ultimate backyard experience.

In your search, it is likely that you may have come across tree forts or houses.  Building a tree fort or treehouse in your backyard can be a great way to give your children their own space.   You may find that your child doesn’t want to leave their newly constructed tree fort or treehouse.

How to design a tree fort or treehouse

While tree forts or houses are fun to play in, there is something that is even more exciting than playing in them. The process of designing a tree fort or house is something that you and your child will likely never forget.

Building a tree fort is something that you should do together with your child.

What you need to build a tree fort or house

To build a tree fort or house, obviously, you need to have a large sturdy tree.

If you only have small unstable trees in your backyard that’s ok too.  You can still build your child a fun play fort or house. Instead of building the structure in a tree, you will just have to build it on the ground.

The first step in building a tree fort

The first step in building or designing your own tree house or fort is to familiarize yourself with all of your options. When making your child a tree house or fort, you can design the structure a number of different ways.

Despite the options you have.  Take the time to examine popular tree house or fort designs and plans. In addition to giving you structural ideas, you may also be provided with detailed construction manuals.

Go online for tree fort design plans

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with tree house or fort designs is to use the internet.

By performing a standard internet search, using the words treehouse designs or how to build a tree fort.  You should be provided with a large number of different options.

These options should take you to a website that offers tips, detailed directions, or ideas for building a tree fort or treehouse.

If you can’t find what you want, then print off all applicable information, including building guides or instruction manuals.

Go to the library or local book store

Hey, the old fashion way still works.  If the internet doesn’t give you what you want then visit your local book store or library. There are a number of books and resources guides that are available.

These resource guides, like the ones found online, should provide you with pictures and detailed directions. If your local book store or library does not have any tree house or fort books, you may want to search for books online.  You can buy books through Amazon like The Complete Guide to Treehouses: Design & Build Your Kids a Treehouse

Buy the right supplies

Once you have found the tree fort or treehouse that you would like to build, you will need to purchase building supplies. These supplies may include, but may not be limited to:

  • wood
  • nails
  • screws
  • other common tools

A trip to your local hardware store, you should be able to purchase the supplies that you need from your local hardware store. If your local hardware store does not carry all of the needed materials, you should be able to find them for sale online.

When it comes time to build your child’s tree fort or treehouse, you will want to keep them involved in the process.

While they may be uninvolved in the actual building process, there are other ways that you can use their assistance.

After you have reviewed the construction plans, you may want to have your child read you the directions as you go along or hand you the materials that you need.

No matter how large or small their part is, your child will likely be happy that you involved them in the process.

Treehouses can be for grown-ups as well

A tree fort or tree house doesn’t have to be just for kids either.  There are places like Bolt farm treehouse, which is luxury living in a treehouse.  You might just get some ideas for an adult treehouse in your backyard.

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