Can I Over Fertilise My Lawn?

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It’s a question we’ve been asked before, “can I over fertilise my lawn”?  The simple answer is yes, you sure can.

We took a look at general garden fertilisers before.  But the simplest way to look at it is, a general garden fertiliser is like a supplement for your lawn.

Used correctly and often you should end up with a nice healthy lush lawn and garden.

Used incorrectly, you end up over-fertilizing your lawn. Which will do more damage to your lawn and garden than anything else?

can i over fertilise my lawn

Why fertilise your lawn at all?

If you think that your lawns and gardens look brown and unnourished it is generally a lack of nutrients that causes it.

Using and adding garden fertiliser will help you achieve balanced nutrients for your lawn and garden.  Which in turn will help keep your lawn and garden in top shape.

The problems when you over fertiliser your lawn

One of fertilisers main ingredients is mineral salts.  When you over fertilise your lawn, salts build up in the soil.  Which in turns that will make it difficult for water absorption.

That will cause your grass to dry out with discolouration as well kill your plants.

The other potential problem with over fertilising your lawn and garden is sudden plant, leaf, thatch growth.  The root system doesn’t experience the same growth pattern.  Which means you won’t be able to supply the amount of water and nutrient that you grass and garden needs.

How do I know that I over fertilise my lawn?

If you are worried about over-fertilizing your lawn, you might be seeing these signs.

  • Your grass leaf will have fertiliser burn
  • Lower leaves and leaf tips will end up browning and yellowing
  • Weakened and darkened roots
  • Salt build-up on the soil surface

Fixing your over fertilised lawn

Its not the end of the world, if you have been over fertilised your lawn.  Lawn and gardens will recover quite quickly on its own.  Try the following

  • Regular watering
  • Aerating your lawn
  • Try top dressing your lawn

How to stop over fertilising your lawn

  • When you are applying fertiliser to your lawn. Make sure you read the package and apply the fertilizer as per the instructions.
  • Make sure you water in your fertiliser once you’ve applied it. If you don’t dilute it with water you run the risk of burning the grass leaf.

You can fertilise before the rain, or try a water sprinkler.

  • Test and check your soil’s pH. You might have a pH imbalance, and fertilising won’t work as well.
  • Don’t go over fertilising your lawn – Stick to doing it a couple of times a year. If you still aren’t sure, start with light applications and go from there

So, the answer is, yes.  To the question of “can, I over fertilise my lawn”?  There are obvious warning signs if you are over fertilising, just back the amount off and frequency that you are doing it.

In no time flat, you will have a very lush and healthy lawn and garden.

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