How To Elevate Your Garden with Elevated Garden Beds

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If you are serious about enjoying life outside.  Then you can make the landscape more attractive, give you privacy and define garden areas by using elevated garden beds. They are usually made from naturally rot-resistant cedar and have rustproof corners made of aluminium.

elevated garden beds

How to add elevated garden beds to your garden

You can bring your garden up to a whole new level just by raising the garden bed. A big part of landscaping is how your frame your garden.  When you set up one or more of these rectangular elevated beds, it offers privacy as giving a place for your garden to flourish.

These elevated garden beds are usually made from cedar with aluminium corners and often have marine ply on the bottom with holes drilled in it for drainage and vents in the side to allow air to circulate and excess moisture to evaporate. With plenty of depth this allows plenty of root space for flowers and vegetables.

Elevated beds that are raised allow you the pleasure of gardening without having to bend over all the time. Potentially hurting your back. You can position the planter right outside the kitchen door at a comfortable height.

You can put your standing garden in direct sunlight.  They make a perfect size for a herbal tea garden. Make sure you water regularly to make sure the soil doesn’t dry out.  Also you will need to fertilize your garden every four to six weeks.

Listed below are some herbs that grow real well in a elevated garden bed with other plants

  • Summer savoury
  • Garden thyme
  • Salad burnet
  • Parsley
  • Lemon thyme
  • Mint
  • Onion chives
  • Spicy globe basil
  • Cilantro
  • Chervil
  • Peppermint
  • Thai Basil

If you are planting individual plants you will need to give them plenty of room to grow, without overcrowding the garden bed. Temperature, light, water, air, nutrients and time are all vital needs to be considered for plants.  You need to make you sure you have all of these combinations, to make sure you give your garden every chance to grow.

For the herbs just set them outside the kitchen and they will pretty much take care of themselves as they grow.  Having a elevated garden bed with herbs in it near the kitchen, is fantastic for fresh herbs for that spaghetti sauce or that lasagna. Just plant, water and watch them grow.

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