Fire Pit Ideas That work In Your Back Yard or Patio

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A fire pit is a great addition to any back yard or patio. You may want to be a hands-on DIY person and build your best fire pit ideas.  You can also have it constructed professionally. The overall look of a backyard will be enhanced with the installation of a fire pit along with the landscaping.

fire pit ideas

Whether you have a big backyard or just a small patio you can have a fire pit that works.  Here are some fire pit ideas that will work well in your backyard or on your patio.

It’s important to choose the appropriate type for your situation. If you entertain indoors or out in the back yard a portable fire pit idea might be more appropriate for you.  That way you can move it around to where you want to entertain.

Size matters don’t be confused

Size is also important, it will determine if you go for a small one or a larger model. It is a good idea to factor in how many people you will be entertaining so that you choose the correct size.

Fire pits can be confused with a fireplace. Weigh up the benefits of a fire pit idea as opposed to a fireplace, before you decide if a fire pit is your best option.

The type of fuel that you use will also determine the type of fire pit you install. There are a few to choose from wood, coal or gas. Wood does lend itself to be a friendly type of fuel and is fairly easy to obtain.

Location Location Location! Positioning the fire pit in the right place is all-important. Keep in mind, by placing a fire pit under a roof of a patio or balcony it allows you to use it in all types of weather, as opposed to having a permanent one in the back yard.

Depending on where you live and how big your yard and your fire pit ideas, you may need council approval. Check that there aren’t any special regulation regarding the installation of a fire pit. Some councils do have particular rules on them

 The price of your fire pit ideas

As you will be aware there are several different types and prices. Work out your budget so that you don’t overreach your limit.

Firepit material:

The material that you use to fireproof the area where you position your fire pit in is also important. There are several choices. Concrete, river rocks, recycled glass, blue metal, or whatever else you think appropriate, whichever you choose, be sure to factor it into your budget.

If you decide to engage a professional to install your fire pit ideas, try to obtain two quotes. Research the contractors so that you engage a reputable one.

Fire is a fascinating thing and draws people to it for warmth as well as being able to use it to cook a meal on. It’s also excellent for encouraging conversation amongst your guests. So when thinking of fire pit ideas for your home, it’s important to do your research so that you select the right type that will fill all your requirements.

One safety point to keep in mind whichever one you choose, when building the actual fire in the pit don’t make it so big that it rages so high the fire is uncomfortable to sit near.

Positioning your fireplace on a patio

Most patios usually have either concrete floors, ceramic or heatproof tiles or wooden flooring on a deck. Choose a facing material for your fire pit that ties in with your patio and the materials on the exterior of your home. There is sure to be a fire pit idea on the market suitable for you, wherever you wish to set one up.

They are mostly made of cast iron, but there are some available in ceramic, concrete, copper and even in stainless steel. Now stainless steel ones are getting up in the top price range, wait for it, up to nearly $5,000, classy but expensive. There are Firepits that are portable, have covers, grilling plates and come in just about any style. There are round ones, square ones and even conical shaper fire pit braziers.

Fire Pit Ideas for a wooden deck.

If you are setting one up on a wooden deck, be mindful of the positioning, and the size of the fire pit. A small deck naturally requires a small fire pit. It would be wise to ensure that you have a fire retardant base under the fire pit to protect the wooden floor. Don’t position it where it would be a hazard for anyone entering the deck, or where the heat might be just too hot and cause a fire.

Fire pits In the back yard

There is plenty of scopes to allow your artistic designer skills full reign in a back yard when deciding on fire pit ideas.

If your back yard is a little on the small side, then your fire pit ideas are going to be limited. You may be able to dig a small hole, say around 6 to 8 inches deep to sit the fire pit into. You will need enough room for chairs to be able to be positioned close enough to gain the full benefits of a fire pit but not so close that you burn.

There is a ceramic brazier fire pit about 34 centimetres in diameter and only weighs 6kg so is portable. It is manufactured in Germany and is weatherproof. It can take either wood or coal to burn. This fire pit would be ideal for a small back yard or deck.

Sinking a fire pit in your backyard

For one of your fire pit ideas, you might like to have a sunken lounge in your back yard. Start by digging a large section down in the yard.  Then either concrete the base or spread blue metal over it and place the fire pit in the centre.

Then arrange the seating around the fire pit. The seating may be made out of timber or maybe concrete blocks and then be decorated with bright cushions to make it an inviting place to chill out.

Just be careful not to make the sunken pit area too large, it could become a dangerous place and won’t be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

One thing to note with a sunken fire pit, it’s not really small kid-friendly nor is it pet friendly, so keep that in mind when deciding to install a fire pit.

Cast iron fire pits

A cast iron fire pit that is around 100cm in diameter and sits 25 cm high would be ideal for such an area. It sits on a trivet and has drainage holes so that no water is able to lie in it when it rains. There is an available cover for it as well as a grill that would allow you to do a certain amount of cooking over it if desired.

These would set you back around $500. A cast iron fire pit is very solid and suitable to all sorts of areas:

  • back yards
  • farms
  • acreages
  • open spaces.

A simple fire pit idea is to dig a hole in the ground.  Then either concrete or tile the hole and surrounds and then set in a fire pit. If you position chairs and a small table around the fire pit.  You created an ideal area for entertaining your family and friends.

Cook master fire pit bowl

If you entertain in winter, you can’t go wrong with a combination fire pit idea.  So one that not only warms you but allows you to throw on a steak if you want.

There is a cook master fire pit bowl that would suit this occasion very well. It enables you to grill Hibachi style if you would like to impress your guest’s.

It is made of steel so is quite sturdy. With a screen to prevent sparks from escaping so safety is covered.  It is reasonably priced at around $60.

If you like the idea of toasting marshmallows or roasting potatoes then think about the Black Iron Craden Firepit. It has a mesh base that is 62 cm tall.  It would look stylish in any backyard or patio and would set you back around $179.

There is a range of portable outdoor fire pit ideas on the market. They look like pieces of outdoor art but are very user friendly. They have all styles of shapes and designs.

A super fire pit idea if you live on an elevated block.

You can set the fire pit on a lower level in your yard and have stepping stones leading down to it. Visualize round concrete with a round cast iron fire pit set in the middle.  With comfortable easy chairs positioned around it.

Just the very thing to entertain your friends and family. Add a coffee table and you have a very elegant entertaining area.

Your fire pit ideas can introduce a new room to your home, even though it’s outdoors. It becomes an extension of your home and landscaped backyard. It can be as simple in style or as elegant as you want. The choice is yours!

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