How To Grow Fresh Herbs In Your Own Garden

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Being able to cook with fresh herbs from your own garden is the serious home cook’s dream come true. However, having a full herb garden in the backyard might sound a little daunting. Never the less, there are things the cook can do to make sure there are always fresh herbs in the house without having a garden growing in the living room.

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Home gardening tips for having fresh herbs

Use the window sill

Nearly every kitchen has at least one window that houses a little cafe curtain and a small window sill. Having small pots on the window sill is an easy way to ensure there are always fresh herbs on hand. Growing green onions and flowering herbs like cilantro or parsley works well in the kitchen.

Pots that house these herbs can fit right on the window sill or on the counter. The fresh herbs can be cut right from the plant when they are required. This provides natural grooming for the shrubs so that they will not overgrow and start to wilt.

Decorate the house

Some flowering herbs are perfect for decorations in the home because they smell really nice. Depending on the herb, anyone can use a plant to adorn a certain room and let the scent waft through the air to give a pleasing aroma to the whole room.

Rosemary works well for a study, library, or office because of its strong aroma. Lemon cilantro has a sweet aroma that would be lovely for a sitting room, sewing room, or den. Parsley and oregano are perfect for the living room, and the grassy herbs like sage are great for the bedroom.

Each herb has a place in the house that will allow the plant to appear as a decoration and not as a strange pot that is out of place.

Use the deck for fresh herbs

The deck or patio of a home is a perfect place to shelf garden the herbs that are needed in the kitchen. A latticed shelf or extra table can hold all of the pots for the herbs and keep them all together on the patio or deck. This form of outdoor gardening is easy because it doesn’t require the homeowner to dig in the ground.

Plus, gardening in this style allows the herbs to be bought indoors when the weather gets cold. Heavy rains, cold air, and wintry temperatures can kill many fresh herbs, and being able to bring those herbs inside helps to save them. The serious home cook will then  have fresh herbs at their disposal all year round.

Try this fresh herb start kit

Growing a herb garden is an excellent way for the family wishing to save money on their grocery budget.  Also, have fresh ingredients for their food, and ensure that they have a ready supply of precisely what they want.

The process of herb gardening at home can start on the windowsill, move throughout the home as decoration.  Or even make its way onto the deck for the summer before being brought in when the cold winds blow in.

Fresh herbs will always be ready for everyone’s favourite dishes when the family gardens their own herbs in the home.

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