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Everyone loves a well-manicured freshly cut lawn.  There are some of us out there that love to get out and mow, others find it a chore.  When it comes to lawnmowers, you can choose gas-powered, manual or electric lawnmowers.  One of the leading electric lawnmower range is the Greenworks mowers.

Greenworks mowers

If saving the environment, and having the latest in battery-powered lawnmowers from the Greenworks mowers range isn’t right for you.  Then read our review about five of the top affordable lawn mowers here.

The history of Greenworks mowers

The Greenworks Tools brand was founded in 2007 to take advantage of the growing battery lithium-ion technology.  Greenworks Tools parent company is Globe Tools which was originally founded in 2002.

For a relatively young manufacturing company they have cemented themselves globally as one of the go-to suppliers of battery-electric and corded garden tools.

Why choose electric garden tools?

The simple answer to that question is the environment.  Running petrol or diesel engines creates pollutions that over the long term harms the environment.

We don’t judge what people choose to do in their own backyard.  Using and running one 4 stroke lawn mower every other week mowing a lawn will do little to the environment.

However, it’s when you multiple that by the millions of 4 stoke lawnmowers around the world, that the environmental damage is done.

We always recommend sticking with the one made of battery-electric tool range though.  Most of the designs now allow for swapping the batteries between the different type of battery-powered tools from the same manufacturer.

What range of product does Greenworks make?

Greenworks are now making a wide range of electric garden tools like:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Leaf Blowers ( Read our guide on the best affordable leaf blowers )
  • String trimmers and edger’s
  • Pressure washers
  • Chainsaws
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Cultivators and dethatches
  • Power tools
  • Snow Blowers
  • Accessories
  • Batteries and chargers

All made in a 24volt, 40-volt 60 volt and 80 volts as well as corded range of tools.

Are Greenworks mowers right for your backyard?

Obviously, an electric lawn mower is great for the environment.  However, there are limits to an electric lawnmower.

Corded electric lawn mowers

It is right there in the name, corded.  That means you need to run an extension lead from an electrical PowerPoint so it powers your lawnmower.

If you only have a small yard that is fine, you can drag a cord behind you as you mow.  However, if you have a large backyard that can be an absolute pain.  Also, you might not have a long enough extension cord.

Battery electric mowers

Battery-powered mowers are a lot more flexible with a range of mowing distance.  The downside is you can only run them for as long as the battery charge lasts.  Then you need to put it on charge or change the battery if you have a spare battery.

In general battery-powered lawn mowers might be perceived as lacking some cutting power.  If you are mowing regular residential lawns then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.  Although you are trying to mow an overgrown paddock it might struggle.  If that’s the case you need a fuel-powered lawn mower that has the power to cut the grass.

The Greenworks Mowers range

Greenworks Tools have a great range of electric mowers that you can choose from.  Below are three of our favourites Greenworks models.

Pro 80V 21” Brushless LawnmowerPro 80V 21” Brushless Lawnmower

  • Brushless motors are more reliable and deliver the gas engine powered equivalent performance to a 160cc gas engine.
  • Greenworks Smart Cut technology which automatically increases the speed of the blade when more power is needed.  Giving you the best cut possible.
  • 3-In-1 design allows you to mulch, rear bag, or side discharge your grass clippings.
  • It uses up to 70% less space in your garage with the vertical storage feature.
  • It is very quiet operation and instant push-button start.


Check price at Amazon

12 Amp Corded 20” LawnmowerGreenwords 20” Lawnmower

  • An electric corded mower with a powerful 12 Amp motor.
  • Built with a durable 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • 3-In-1 (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag)
  • 7-position height adjustment offers a range of cutting height from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches for all grass types
  • Push-button start.
  • Drive system: Manual
  • 4-Year Tool Warranty protects your investment
  • Designed with foldable handles for compact storage

Check price at Amazon

40V Cordless 19″ Brushless lawnmowerGreenworks Brushless lawnmower

  • 7 position single lever height adjustment offers range from 1 to 1/4 inch to 3 to 1/2 inch cut height
  • 19-inch steel deck offers with 3 in 1 design offers rear bagging, side discharge and mulching capability
  • Includes a 4-ampere hour and 2-ampere hour 40 volt Li-Ion battery and charger.
  • Compatible replacement blades


Check price at Amazon

You can find a Greenworks mower to suit most small to large backyard lawns.  If you have a particular thick grass type that you want to cut, just make sure you choose a model that has a decent power unit.  As well as enough clearance adjustment to deal even with the toughest lawn.

Cutting path size

Depending on the size of the lawn you want to maintain. It’s the width of the cutting deck that will dictate the cutting path.  Obviously wider equals more cutting path, but the lawn more physical size will be bigger as well.

Backup support and warranty

Greenworks are a global brand, with main offices in Europe, the United States and Asia.  It has a great dealer network.  As well as a decent warranty policy in place.

Most small motor repair shops that specialise in garden tools, will be able to help with repairs and maintenance if required.  A quick google search will help you find a Greenworks dealer in your local area.

Batteries, Chargers and accessories

Greenworks tools make a wide range of batteries, chargers as well as accessories for their mower range and the rest of their garden tools.

The washup

There are a lot of amazing garden tool brands out there on the market.  Greenworks and their range of Greenworks mowers have certainly found their niche in the corded and cordless range of electric garden tools.

The range of mowers and what they can do is pretty impressive.  If you go with a battery-electric mower, buy a spare battery for your convenience.  You won’t go too far wrong with a Greenworks mower in your garden shed.

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