Growing Fresh Herbs In Your Kitchen or Garden

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growing fresh herbsGrowing fresh herbs is one of the most fun things to grow and there are a variety of reasons. The first being if you are a cook and you love fresh herbs in your cooking there are several you can grow right in the kitchen.

Fresh herbs are delicious and nutritious and great for just about any healthy dish you can think of. If you have a little garden you can grow several in a cool shaded spot. Here are several you can start with and they are relatively easy to grow and you can find the seeds or the plants at your local garden center.

Growing Fresh Herbs The Basics


Basil can grow on your window sill in a pot or in the garden and it is delicious in many recipes not just your Italian recipes but with chicken or in pasta salads either fresh or cooked.. Just put it in a semi- shaded area in the garden or in your bedding plants area where the shade is most of the day and keep it well watered.


Mint is delicious in tea or right off the plant and it is so easy to grow. Just find a shade spot for your gardening bed and purchase some plants of spearmint or peppermint mint to plant. The spearmint mint is a little larger with bumpy leaves so if the plant you purchase just says mint you can smell it to tell the difference. Peppermint has smaller leaves with a lot of shoots. These are also shade loving so be sure to put your herbs in a shady spot.


Chives are super easy to grow and multiply like weeds if treated well and taste delicious in salads. These shade loving plants grow quickly from seed to plant and give your green thumb a boost when you see how fast they grow.


Rosemary is one you will want to put in lots of recipes and it smells divine, it is excellent when a few cut strands are hung in your kitchen allowing the smell to add a freshness to your room.. If you grow Rosemary in the garden find the sunny edge of your bedding patch for rosemary. You can use rosemary in soups and salads and meats for added flavour. Rosemary is always a hit.

If you grow fresh herbs you have a variety of ways to grow them either in pots on your kitchen window sill or if you have a patio you could set up a little stand for your herbs. They will then always be available for use in the kitchen or for decorations around your home..

If you use them in bedding patches plant them near one another with about twelve inches of space between each plant because herbs will multiply and grow like wild fire. If you are growing fresh herbs in the kitchen be sure not to over water them . Have fun growing your herbs and Happy Growing!

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