How To Design a Backyard Pool

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Starting to design a backyard pool can be exciting but don’t let excitement overrule the practicalities of it. There are certain considerations you need to address if you want a pool that you can enjoy.

design backyard pool

What you need to know to design your backyard

Making sure you have a legally compliant pool that you can enjoy.  That doesn’t break the bank and end up being a bottomless pit of money takes some planning.  The immediate thing you need to think about are:

  • Have a budget
  • Research
  • Read magazines that feature pools to find a design you like
  • Consider the position where it is to be placed
  • How much maintenance does it require?
  • Do you want a heated pool

What size and shape of the pool

When you design a backyard pool, start with size.  If you only have a small yard, you certainly can’t fit an Olympic size swimming pool in there.

The size will depend on how much room you have to fit in a pool.  The shape will be determined again by the amount of room. There has to be a clear enough area around to comply with the safety regulations set by your state.

There has to be a safety fence completely around the pool and can’t be directly accessible from the house. If you are planning on having a patio area and there isn’t already one set up then that will require more room.

Some backyards are more suitable for a pool than others. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a pool as there are quite a lot of styles to choose from.

How are you going to use your pool?

Believe it or not, there are pools for different purposes. So consideration should be put into the style.

If you have children then chances are that you want a pool that you can play games in.  So you can spend quality time with the family. Then you will need a pool that has plenty of space and safety features.

A lap pool is excellent for a serious swimmer.  One who focuses on doing an impressive amount of laps each day. Lap pools are long and narrow and are very attractive in a variety of back yards.

If you wish is to have a pool primarily just to relax in, then consider a spa pool.

Design a backyard pool to compliment your back yard

Your pool should blend seamlessly in the space in your yard.  You want it to look like part of your home and become an attractive design feature of your backyard.

When choosing your pool, think about the architectural style of your home. Would a straight edge and streamlined style be the best or would a softer rounded pool complement your home?

Colour is another thing to consider when purchasing a pool. If you are having a concrete pool built then there is a number of coloured tiles to choose from.

Fibreglass pools have a gel coat surface that is easier to keep clean. They only come in as many colours as the manufacturer provides.

Choosing the right colour makes a huge difference in the appearance of your back yard. Particularly if you wish the pool to be a stand out feature.

design my backyard pool

Where should you place your pool?

Your pool ideally will be a feature in your back yard and as you will be looking at it every day, the correct placement is important. You will be wanting to show it off to the best advantage, particularly if you enjoy pool parties and alfresco meals.

Having a designer pool in your back yard also adds considerable value to your home should you ever consider selling in the future. A beautiful backyard that is well designed will attract prospective buyers.

Of course, the most important thing is that you like where you have decided to place it. You should enjoy looking at your pool just as much as you enjoy using it.

Look at the backyard from all angles, from both inside and outside of your house before finally deciding where to position it. Even check as to whether you will be able to view it from your kitchen window if that is where you spend a lot of time.

Design your backyard pool landscaping

Some homeowners have a clear vision of how they want the area around the pool landscaped from the beginning. Maybe you would prefer to wait until the pool is in position before deciding on the landscaping.

Alternately engaging a professional to landscape your yard for you is another option to consider.

The main thing is to choose the pool first, as the design of the pool will be central to the appearance of your back yard. It will be sensible to choose the design of your pool first then plan all the other design element around its shape and style.

Keep in mind that choosing a pool is a very big decision. It’s a big investment and you have to be happy with it for many years to come.

By giving it plenty of careful thought and planning and making sure you are completely happy with your decision, then you will have a pool that you enjoy looking at and enjoy well into the future.

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