How To Install Drip Irrigation In Your Backyard

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Keeping your garden watered effectively can be time-consuming and a bit tough at times. So why not consider installing some irrigation for your garden.  In this article we want to share how to install drip irrigation in your backyard.

Drip irrigation is a low-pressure and low-volume watering system. It keeps the roots moist but not soaked and uses less overall water.

Most drip systems are ½ inch hoses with tiny plastic nubs, called emitters which allow the water to drip out at a regulated pace. The tubing is snaked around the plants or in the case of rows of plants then it is played alongside the row. This allows the water to get into the soil at the roots

What you need to install drip irrigation

Tubing can be purchased with the nubs already punched into it or you are able to purchase it unperforated which allows you to fit the emitters where you actually need them.

Unperforated tubing can be used to customise a system for an unusual layout.

Attach a filter to the pressure regulator to prevent minute particles that may be in the water supply clogging up the system

Once you’ve laid out the tubing into the position using some ground stakes to hold it in place. Use Tee connectors and elbow joints if you need to change the direction of the tubing.

Sometimes the plants are quite dense so the use of sprayers will benefit. Attach the sprayer to a stake and position it in the ground cover.

Make sure to check for leaks or connections that aren’t quite fit correctly.

install drip irrigation

How effective is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation allows the water to penetrate to the root zone where it is needed most. They are around 90% efficient compared to sprinklers which water around 65- 79% of the garden.

With drip irrigation, you will require low-pressure volume of water so a pressure regulator is needed to control the flow to your hoses. The majority of hoses are rated to handle a certain level of pressure. So when purchasing the regulator make sure it matches the level of flow you want.

Each emitter should give you about a 30 minute run time before the water starts to run off.

Soaker hoses

Setting up this system requires hoses, stakes, riser drip tubes and sprayers. Most hardware stores and garden stores will be able to supply you with all the equipment that you will need.

What will you need?

Soaker hoses that will fit the length of garden you wish to water. If you have several garden beds, then you will require hose couplers, that is elbow and tee parts to connect your hoses and some end caps.

A filter that will connect to your outdoor spigot (faucet).Sometimes there are little bits of impurities in the water and having these filters will stop the hoses from clogging up.

It may be an idea to purchase an automatic timer for your system, this would save you having to remember to turn the irrigation on if you are busy.

How will a soaker hose benefit?

Soaker hoses are designed to work either on the soil surface or beneath mulch material. They can be buried to the depth of around 4 inches but this will make it harder to monitor it and may lead to damage from the roots from digging in the soil.

Alter laying the hoses, applying some organic mulch will help keep the hoses in place. If you have opted to lay them on the surface. This has the added benefit of keeping the sun of the hoses which will help them last longer.

How much water will it use? Well it will depend on the pressure flow but usually around 30 gallons per hour for a 50 foot length.

The amount of time you will need to water  and how often will depend on the type o soil you have and the weather conditions in your might be an idea to start with 30 minute time then check the root zone to see how deep the water has seeped.

Be careful not to disturb the roots.

Its simple to install drip irrigation in your backyard and garden beds.  Rember we always believe its better to enjoy your backyard then working in it.

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