Installing Garden Lights Can Light Up Your Backyard

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Why do you need lights in the back yard? Well installing garden lights can be a great way to improve yard safety.  Obviously you don’t want your or a loved one stumbling around in the dark.   The other reason is mood lightning as it can give your backyard a romantic atmosphere.

installing garden lights

What lights to use?

That’s the next thing you need to consider. Do you want to go Solar or have low voltage live wiring?

A well designed outdoor space takes in to account your guest’s lack of familiarity with it. You may be able to walk around the yard blindfolded but your guests can’t.

Path lighting should be the first thing to consider. Particularly if you have steps descending to the back. Always put lights at the bottom of the stairs so that people know there are no more steps to tread. If you have a designated path meandering through the back yard then consider slights on either side of the path so that there are no shadows to contend with.

If you have a particular statue or special tree in the back yard then think about up lightning. This form of lighting uses low voltage bulbs to show up a tree or other features from the ground to show up the object that is being lit.

The opposite of uplighting is mood lightning. This is where the lights are placed high up in a tree or structure and focused downwards. This is also an excellent way to light up your patio, with multiple lights casting the shadows from the leaves of the trees making interesting patterns.

Spotlight a fountain or water feature as an alternative lightning method.

Swimming pools are able to be lit underwater and it is essential to have plenty of lights surrounding the swimming pool, not only for safety but for its aesthetic look.

Installing solar garden lights

Installing solar garden lights for your lighting is a smart inexpensive idea as the sun will power them for you. Some of them have a switch on them that enables you to turn them off completely if necessary.

They have an internal sensor that tells them when to charge their batteries and turn off the led bulb. Most lights have a 4-5 hour charge time and about a 6-9 hour working time. On cloudy days the light will still receive a charge.

The clouds diffuse the strength of the sun but solar irradiance is still transmitted from the sun to earth.

There is a multitude of shapes and sizes in solar lights. You can even purchase lights in the shape of flowers, which might save you from having to make a flower garden.

There are solar lights that are motion driven and with a security system as an added safety measure, it is bound to detect intruders in the yard.

Now that you have the back yard sorted with lightning why not consider some nice lighting for the patio.

Make an impression with garden lights

When it comes to lightning, ambient lights for the patio may be the way to go. Consider a string of lights zigzagging over the entertainment area that will give a nice soft overall light. The key to lighting the outdoor entertainment area is not to overdo it but to have enough light so that it is a safe area for everyone.

If you want to make an impression on your guests think about installing a chandelier or if you don’t wish to be that ostentatious an elegant pendant light will enhance the patio.

Installing garden lights in your yard and garden is a great mood enhancer as well as gives you safe lighting to walk around in at night.

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