Outdoor Toy storage Ideas – How To Plan Functional Storage In Your Backyard

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Anyone with young kids knows that they tend to leave a trail of destruction behind them with their toys in the backyard.  Even people with fur babies know that their toys get spread everywhere.  There is a simple solution with so many outdoor toy storage ideas that you can use.

With most residential homes and yards getting smaller it is all about effective storage ideas that are practical and fit with the décor of your home.  You want to allow your kids of pets every opportunity to be outside and play with their toys.  But you still want to be able to store the toys out of the way when you want to.

So, this article is about the how’s, whys and some groovy outdoor toy storage ideas you can use in your own backyard.

outdoor toy storage ideas

Why do you need outdoor toy storage?

Anything that you want to use or store outside will be feeling the effect of the elements.  Depending on where you live, outdoor toys can be subject to rain, snow, excessive heat and just about everything else that mother nature throws at it.

With the inclement weather elements, it can cause toys to deteriorate quickly as well cause mould on some materials.  Storing them safely outdoors makes a lot of sense.

If you use effective outdoor toy storage ideas, you should be able to store toys outside, in a safe weatherproof environment, making your yard or patio area look tidy.

Where can you find effective outdoor toy storage ideas?

Well, anywhere really.  The internet particularly Pinterest have some amazing ideas.  But just google “outdoor toy storage ideas” you will get hundreds of search results.

Visiting your local hardware store, or home furniture stores like Ikea will give you a literal plethora of ideas.  You will find DIY solutions or readymade storage ideas with a bit of research.

What type of material should I use?

Anything that is hard weather wearing.  The worse thing you can do is spend some money on a chipboard wooden box and watch it fall apart after the first heavy rain.

Look for the harder wearing materials.  Cane, wicker products, moulded plastic boxes e.t.c all make effective outdoor storage ideas for toys.

Should I DIY storage or buy a ready-made solution?

Well, that’s a personal question and answer.  If you are handy with DIY projects, then absolutely make your own outdoor toy storage solution.

If you would rather buy a readymade to go outdoor toy storage solution then do some research and buy what you want.

Pick your size of toy storage

Size matters when it comes to finding the right outdoor toy storage ideas for your backyard.  Make sure you know how much room you have to work with.  If you have lots of toys and minimal space to work with, you might have to cull some of the toys.

By the same token, with only a few toys to store, you can store additional things in the same space like pool noodles, pet toys or some garden tools.

Functional outdoor toy Storage ideas

Whatever outdoor toy storage idea you have and implement in your yard.  Just make sure that it’s functional.

By functional we mean a simple box storage idea, could mean a box with a cushion on the lid that doubles as a bench seat.  Like this Chiswick bench seat with basket drawers.

Outdoor storage bench

Utilise your space as much and as effectively as you possibly can.  Remember you won’t get more land to use unless you relocate to a bigger property with a bigger yard.  So make do with what you have and just plan.

5 Outdoor Toy Storage ideas you can use

Here are five really simple outdoor toy storage ideas you can use in your own backyard.

Outdoor Toy Bins

Keter Novel – 90 Gallon resin boxAvailable from Amazon

Keter Novel - 90 Gallon resin boxA simple solution is something like an outdoor toy bin from Keter Novel.  Basically, a resin made 90-gallon box.  Great for throwing in things like cushions, pillows, toys, garden and pool toys, and of course kids toys.

The great thing is you can double this storage idea as a bench seat.  It is designed with a weight capacity of 485 lbs.  The bin is also lockable, so you know anything stored in there is secure.

Have a hunt around there are plenty of these plastic resin boxes you can use.

Kids vehicle parking garage

Kids Covered Parking Garage – DIY project from Mom Endeavors

This amazing idea came from the creative mind from Mom Endeavors.  It’s squarely aimed at the DIY projects and a really effective way to hide the kid’s bikes away inoutdoor toy storage ideas their own kiddie parking garage.

Nothing worse than kicking your toe on the kiddie car, so hide them away.  Also, it’s a great way to educate your child on the responsibility of looking after their toys and learning to put them away when they are finished with them.


Simple fence storage boxes

plastic box storage ideaPlastic milk crates – Available for anywhere you can find them,

Even the most hopeless of us can manage this DIY outdoor toy storage idea.  Just get some plastic milk crates and fix them to your fence with some wire.

If you don’t have access to plastic milk crates then any sizeable plastic box will do.

If you want more storage just fix more plastic crates.  Go for as many as you want.

DIY Rolling Storage Cart

Rolling storage cartDIY project form shanty-2-chic

rolling storage cartAnother in the DIY niches.  Having a rolling storage cart is a great idea.  You can move it around to where ever you want in the backyard throwing things in as you go.  Then wheel it into a corner or backyard shed when you are done.

These types of projects are great as you can customise it to your storage needs.  You can add some cool features to it like a bungee cord storage to the pegboard and chalkboard on the side.

Wall mount storage shelves

Yuanshikj Industrial iron pipe wall mount shelves– Available from Amazon

Wall mount storage ldeasThese wall mount shelves are designed with 100% iron.  56″ inch high and about 11′ between each shelve.  The planks for the shelve itself needs to be bought separately. But you can get decent lumbar from and hardware shop.

You could also go for something like reclaimed timber to give it a bit of design flair.


The Washup

There are so many different outdoor toy storage ideas that you can use at any time, to keep your backyard tidy.  Use the design tips we’ve given above, and plan what works the best in your backyard space.

Remember if it’s not working, then you can always change it for something more functional.

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