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Growing and tending plants can be time-consuming.  Outsourcing the initial process is a great way to save you time.  There are now businesses out there that specialize in growing various plants in greenhouses and shipping them directly to the public.  Businesses just like Bloomscape in the United States.


Who is Bloomscape and what do they do?

With five generations of greenhouse growers behind them.  Bloomscape originally started in the horticulture industry in the Netherlands.  Today they are spread across America with their greenhouse industry.

Specializing in growing plants in greenhouses, they encourage you to strengthen your relationship with the plant. They help you select the right plant and will deliver them directly to your home.

Why should you select your plants from Bloomscape?

Most plants you buy from a hardware store or supermarket have traveled for about 4 weeks to get to their destination.  Usually, those plants won’t get watered properly either.

Bloomscape has people who are experts at nurturing plants in ideal conditions and can arrange delivery to your home within 3 to 4 days.

They are experienced in knowing how to grow healthy plants and keep them healthy so that they are still in perfect condition when they arrive at your door.

All plants they offer a 30-day guarantee on.

Taking care of plants when the weather warms up

Most indoor plants will enjoy being taken outdoors during the warmer months. Bloomscape advises that when moving plants outdoors, place them in a shady position for several hours a day then gradually increase the outdoor time slowly for around 7 to 10 days.

Never allow the indoor plants to sit in the full sun. Watering your plants once outdoors will depend on the weather. Check the soil for moisture as that will indicate if the plant needs water.

Bloomscape has a wonderful range of plants for you to select from, both indoor and outdoor plants. Also available are gardening tools to make the care of your plants easier.

They have:

  • Watering cans
  • Hand trowels
  • Soil scoops
  • A large range of pots in different sizes
  • Grow lights
  • Propagating kits
  • House plant pruners
  • Gift cards
  • Pet-friendly plants

Shipping plants direct to you

Due to the current situation with the COVID -19 the shipping times maybe a little longer than usual.  However, Bloomscape takes every care in delivering your plants in a healthy condition. The plants are packaged in recycled material that holds the plants securely for shipping.

Bloomscape pride themselves on advising their customers to care for their plants. They have an advisor whom they call” Plant Mom”. She is available on email, live chat, or Twitter.

They also supply plants for offices, indoor homes, patios, and backyards.

The whole idea of a garden there it’s indoor or outdoor is to enjoy it.  There are plenty of people that enjoy growing their own garden.  But if you are one of those people that simply want to sit back and enjoy some shrubbery on your patio. Then maybe Bloomscape is the ideal backyard partner for you.

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