Ultimate Guide For Buying The Best Water Timers For Your Garden

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There are two types of people who love their backyard.  The ones that get out there and work on maintaining their backyard any chance they get.  Then the others that just want to enjoy the time they spend relaxing out there.  When it comes to buying the best water timers its all about functionality and getting the water to your yard when required.

Keeping your garden watered all year round, doesn’t need to be a pain or a drag to do.  You don’t need to drag hoses around.  It doesn’t matter what type, shape or garden design you have.  You will need to water it at some stage.

Installing drip irrigation with a water timer, have a tap water timer or simply running a sprinkler with a water timer.  Installing the best water timers for your garden is a great way to save you time, save excess water usage and provide water for your garden and lawn when it needs it most.

There are now literally thousands of different waters times on the market, we wanted to share everything we can in the ultimate guide to buying the best water timers for your garden.

best water timers

Where to start looking

There are so many different water timers and watering systems out there.  All with so many different features, extras, functions and details.  It’s pretty easy to get confused with what you need and how to set it up properly.

The best water timers are designed to ensure that you can water your lawn, garden or flower beds with a good soaking when required.

Start with what you want to water

Take a look at your backyard, and ask these questions to identify what you want to water:

  • Is it mainly a huge lawn area?
  • Do you have raised garden beds?
  • What type of garden do you want to water?
  • How often do you want to water?
  • Do you have a suitable irrigation system in place?
  • Do you need to combine watering with fertilizing?
  • Time of day that you want to water

Remember that your lawn and garden love routine.  Which means regular water times at the same time of the day.

The best water timer will save water

How many times have you dragged a hose around your garden with a sprinkler on it?  Thinking that you will get back to moving it later and forgot about it.  You end up wasting a lot of water.

Using water timers will save you water.  Which in the long run can save you money with things like excess water rates?  Timing watering of your plants and lawn means they get the exact right amount of water are the right time. With not a drop more being used.

By using a water timer, you can adjust the amount and time of day that your garden gets water.  Making it the most efficient way to water.  By monitoring how much water your lawn and garden is getting, you can adjust the timer to suit.

Number of times and when you water

Depending on the brand and specifications of water timer you buy.  Will give you different amounts of water times you can set per day.  You can automatically set the times when you want to water.  Depending on when you want to water will dictate the water time you buy.

Some models will allow you to set up to eight watering times per day.  Depending on where you live, the type of plants and lawn you have will again dictate how often to water.

Digital or Analog water timers

If you only have a small simple garden that only needs sporadic gardening. Then an analog water system is the easiest and cheapest system you can get.

Analog is a really simple design what are often controlled by a clockwork mechanism they tend to be a little more robust and are less likely to break down.

Digital water systems are a lot more complex.  Usually, they will have LCD displays with clear instructions on setting the exact times to create a watering routine.

With digital water timers, you can get added features like Wi-Fi enabled and zone control.

Watering zones and different areas

Depending on the best water timer suited for your backyard.  You can buy sophisticated timer models which will allow you to set different times and watering patterns for different areas of your garden.

Modern water timers can allow you to water your lawn once a day, while watering your elevated garden beds four times per day.

You could even zone it so the backyard greenhouse gets regular water through out the day when required.

Having this sort of control means that you won’t waterlog parts of your yard or garden.  Which means that you won’t damage your garden beds or lawn.  As well you don’t want starve your yard for water either.

Weatherproof timers

Anything outside will be exposed to the elements.  What ever timer you ultimately install you need it to be sealed and hardwearing.    Depending on where you live the water timer will be exposed to frost, sunshine and anything else that mother nature throws at it.

Your water timer needs to be made or durable material like metal or plastic so it will withstand the elements. Otherwise you will need to get either build or buy a water timer enclosure to protect it.

Water Pressure

This is a key area to consider for the best water timers.  How much water pressure PSI can the timer handle?

If you have a small area to water, smaller pressure can be used to handle the work load.  If you have a large area that need regular watering you will need a timer that can handle a high-water pressure passing through it.


What warranty do you get with your timer?  Most water timer manufacturers will include a minimum 12 months from manufacture defects.  Some of your more expensive brands will include warranty up to three years.

How do you control the water timer?

Back in the old days of watering your garden and lawn.  You’d be out there dragging a hose around, then came the simple timers where all it would do is start and stop. Then we got smart technology.

Smart technology is where the best water timers can really shine.  With things like Bluetooth, WIFI, LCD displays, App controls.

You don’t have to be out there punching away at a small display any more to set the timer.  You can run it from a smart phone.

The smarter and more functional those brands and makes of water timers that more money you will spend.

With these types of smart water timers can also send notifications, when your system to running or finished.  You need to consider a unit that supports IFTTT if you want to get fancy push notifications.

Cost of the best water timers

Setting up a paradise in your backyard can be expensive.  From all the gardening tools like affordable lawn mowers to things like barbeque grills, you will spend money.  So make sure you budget for your water timer.  You can get value from as low as $20 up to several hundres dollars for a all function model.

Whats the best brand of water timer

If you’ve thought through all the above points the last consideration for finding the best water timer is what is the best brand to buy.  Here are five of the most popular gardening tools design and manufacturers out there.


German based and a subsidiary of the Husqvarna group. Gardena AG makes a wide selection of gardening tools, including some robust water timers.


Established for over 70 years, making a wide range of quality products including garden water timers.  Head office is in Winchester Virginia.


Founded in 1949 making watering products.  Based in Missouri manufacturing hoses, water timers and other garden support products for the US market.


Design and make a wide range of smart landscaping and watering devices that you can use in your backyard.

Rain Bird

Founded during the 1930’s California agriculture boom.  Now a leading global manufacture or irrigation products including water timers.

The Wash up

The best water timers for your backyard will vary depending on a lot of the above factors. Take the time to research what is right for your lawn and garden.  If you start with simple functionality you can also upgrade your water timer down the track.

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