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Why You Really Need a Backyard Fire Pit.

Man’s fascination with fire seems to date back to the caveman days.  We cook with it, we use it to keep warm.  Fire is the one thing that man loves.  So why not add a backyard fire pit to your backyard?

There are several things that you need to know before you start digging up your backyard and setting it on fire.

backyard fire pit

Pick your location

Ok, great you’ve decided to add a fire pit to your backyard.  You need to pick the best location.    You need it far away enough from your back door.  To make sure the wind isn’t going to blow a lot of smoke back through your house.

Far enough away from trees or shrubs, you might have.  Just so you don’t set anything else on fire by mistake.

Make sure you are far enough away from everything.  So your smoke goes straight up and away from your house.

Setting up  your backyard fire pit

Once you’ve got the location picked, think about what type of put you want.  You can dig a hole yourself and make your pit.

Try to line it with cement or bricks, or visit your local outdoor specialist or hardware, and look to purchase a premade one.

Entertaining around your fire pit

You’ve gone to the trouble of adding a backyard firepit, you’ve asked your friends around. So do you all just stand around, of course not.

Make sure you’ve got some chairs or seats that you can use and leave outside.

If you’re adventurous and a little handy, you can make your own.  Pick a nice hearty timber and knock up some outdoor benches, you can even cement them in.

Enjoying your backyard fire it is all about a little fun, so with your friend or family you can try roasting mushrooms, and cooking potatoes in the jacket wrapped up in a little foil.

Maintenance of your backyard firepit is important, make sure you’ve got a cover for it, so if it rains it won’t fill up.  Also when you are cleaning out your ash, it goes great in your backyard gardens.

Apart from that just enjoy your backyard fire pit, it’s there for you and those cold nights outside.

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