Welcome to Living Out The Back, this site was started with a simple idea “Go outside your back door and enjoy it” now it’s not quite as adventurous as camping in the great outdoors.  But your enjoyment can really start at your back door.

Everything from Grilling in the back yard, to planning a backyard party, to things that you can do with your patio. We want you to enjoy it all.

Enjoying Living Out The Back

Can be done in several different ways, from landscaping, gardening, adding things that you can enjoy outside like a BBQ. It doesn’t matter if you live on an acre with lots of open backyard space, or you live in a 2 bedroom unit with a small balcony.

Backyards aren’t just for your family and friends to enjoy as well.  Your pets also spend a large amount of time outside as well, so make sure you cater to your furry friends as well.

We hope that you can find something that you use and enjoy so please take your time and look around.

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