Welcome to Living Out The Back, this site was started with the simple idea “Go outside your back door and enjoy it”.  Now it’s not quite as adventurous as camping in the great outdoors.  But your backyard lifestyle enjoyment can really start at your back door.

We have a backyard just like you, and we strive to deliver the best information that’s not only relevant to you but easy to absorb and understand.

Everything from Grilling in the back yard, to planning a backyard party, to things that you can do with your patio. We want you to enjoy it all.

Living Out The Back does in-depth to get to what really matters.  We want to delight and educate you – that’s our promise to you.

We’ve also enlisted the help of regular contributors that can help us test products and services to ensure they meet your high standards.

We want to make sure that enjoying your backyard is a way of life.

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Enjoying Backyard Lifestyle

Can be done in several different ways, from landscaping, gardening, adding things that you can enjoy outside like a BBQ. It doesn’t matter if you live on an acre with lots of open backyard space, or you live in a 2 bedroom unit with a small balcony.

Backyards aren’t just for your family and friends to enjoy as well.  Your pets also spend a large amount of time outside as well, so make sure you cater to your furry friends as well.

We hope that you can find something that you use and enjoy so please take your time and look around.

Our Mission

We want to become the most trusted and convenient online destination for anyone with a backyard. Our success is measured by the happiness of the people we serve.  That’s why we continue to think outside the box when it comes to easy to delight, suppose and thank our readers.

Our Culture

At livingouththeback.com we strive to deliver the best information and ideas, and we want to become even better.  Happy readers are always our number one priority, and we are passionate about finding new ways to wow anyone enjoying their outside space and the industry at large.

At livingouttheback.com we love enjoying our leisure time outdoors in our backyard, and we believe it makes us better people.  Every day with connection, Livingoutheback’s passionate associates help bring people closer to their backyard so they can live more fulfilled lives.

This vision impacts everything we do for your readers.

Our Core Values

Our core values, which have made us one of the best lifestyles blogs on the internet :

  • Truthful reviews
  • Resourcefulness
  • Commitment
  • Credibility
  • Friendliness
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness

Livingouttheback is not just a lifestyle blog; it is a labor of passion for all things in your backyard.  We are dedicated to providing you the best service, tips, and tricks for getting the best out of your backyard.


We hope you enjoy our site and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have regarding the site and its content.

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Please feel free to look around and enjoy our site as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.

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