How To Dry Up A Muddy Yard

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Unless you have a perfectly flat yard with a full lush lawn and great drainage.  There is a chance that after some rain, you might have a muddy yard.  It’s not the end of the world, we want to give you some great ideas for how to dry up a muddy yard.

How to dry muddy yard

What causes a muddy yard?

The main cause for a muddy yard is usually really poor drainage.  It’s easy enough to identify the next time it rains, go outside and take a look at where water is pooling in your yard. Also, where the water coming out of downspouts is running to.

If water pools in your yard and the downspout water runoff is running back into your yard.  Then it is most likely going to cause a muddy area in your yard.

Fixing the Downspout runoff

Most roofs have gutters and downspouts for catching and directing water to either drainage or far enough away from your house to not cause a problem.

If you have identified downspouts as the problem, start by making sure that the end of the downspout is extended at least 6 ft away from the foundation of your house.

It’s a really easy process to extend if your downspout is not going the distance.  Most downspouts will be PVC plastic or tin, take a trip to your local hardware store.

Buy a joiner and some downspout pipe lengths and join it together and extend the length.  That way you can direct the downspout toward a ditch, a pond, garden or and another lower-lying area outside the lawn.

Just make sure that the drainage area is clear of any debris or vegetation so the runoff is not impeded in any way.

Fixing an uneven yard

If it’s simply water pooling after rain that is causing a muddy yard then it the slop of your yard that the problem.

It’s simple a lawn that’s level or slightly lower in the might is going to collect water.  To give water the chance to run of away from your house and yard, you need a lawn that slopes at a 2perect rate away from your house.

That way gravity makes rainwater flow away from your house to whatever direction its sloping.

To fix the grade issue, you need to regrade your lawn.  You have a couple of options here getting more topsail bought in and spread properly. Or taking topsoil from the bottom of your yard to the top side.

poor yard drainage

Lawn maintenance to dry up a muddy yard

Sometimes it’s the soil not able to absorb water.  This is generally due to lawn thatching.  Lawn thatching it a layer of dead grass, root sand debris that forms between the grass and soil surface.

This is where a garden tiller is really handy for aerating your lawn.  By doing it once a year, a garden tiller will dig small holes into the ground to loosen compacted soil, It lets the air into the root system as well as drainage for water.

We’d recommend tilling soil to at least 6 inches.

Fertilizer and organics

If you have gone to the trouble of retiling your lawn, make sure you add a decent general garden fertilizer and spread fresh lawn seeds onto it.

You want to get the most out of the tilling as well as give your lawn the added boost of fertilising.

Adding more drainage

Where you can add topsoil, or aerate your lawn, then installing a fringe drain on trench may be the next best thing.

A trench is simple.  Grab a shovel and start to dig a trench the length of where you want to drain water from, and in the direction of where you want to drain it too.

With a trench, if you want it to be permeant then think about lining it.  Simple concrete with grate works pretty well.

A French drain is a trench lined with landscape fabric something like a perforated drain pipe.  Then filled in partially with gravel and then covered with soil and reseeded.

French drains are perfect in most yards and the location is usually undetectable after plants grow.

Getting in a professional

If you are still stuck with how to dry up a muddy yard, then maybe its time to get in a professional landscaper.

Professional landscapers have the tools and experience to fix any yard issue you might be facing.   They can do big jobs like removing the grass and regrading and reseeding or relaying another lawn.

Adding hard landscaping

Sometimes no matter what you do, you will not escape muddy spots in your yard.  You can add a new hardscaping feature to your yard.

Depending on where the muddy area is, you can build a hard material path between two areas.   W concrete or wooden boardwalk will keep your feet dy.

If you have a muddy area beside your house, think about adding a patio to it.  Even a gazebo or paved lounge area.

Pets in your yard

Even if you have a yard with perfect drainage a well-aerated lawn.  It’s pointless if the family pet is out there digging holes.  Hardscaping is usually the best answer to a dog that loves to dig in one area.

You can pave around the area, then surround it with large touch salt-tolerant plants.

Create a feature water garden

If you’ve tried the above, and are still struggling, then maybe it’s time to consider embracing the wet area.  You can create a water garden feature in your yard.

It’s a practical solution to deal with a muddy yard.  You can convert the area into a water garden full off water-tolerant plant.

Any downspout water runoff can be directed into a water garden.

Just make sure that the area you are going to convert is at least 10 feet away from your house.


When we were young, it was fun to get out there and play in the mud.  As we get older and wat to enjoy living out the back it’s not fun looking and walking in the mud.  With a little bit of effort and imagination, you can dry a muddy and pretty easy.

How to dry a muddy yard might be a combination of a few different the, but whether its soil amendments and regrading your yard.  Adding additional landscaping or creating a feature water garden then you can have a muddy free yard within a week

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